Watch Motorcycle Helmet Videos Before Buying


Buying a motorcycle helmet can be very difficult, and determining where to begin can be the hardest part. All the different shapes, sizes, features, prices and vendors can make the experience confusing, to say the least. New riders can benefit from the following five tips on finding the right motorcycle helmet.

Size and Shape

New riders should start by determining their head’s shape and size. While those who wear fitted hats may already know, it’s easy to take measurements. The shape is a little harder to assess, but most fit into one of three categories: round-oval, long-oval and intermediate. Having this information can help a buyer choose the right helmet for his or her head shape and for a safer ride.

Riding Style

The next step is for the rider to decide what kind of riding he or she will do. There are numerous options: long- or short-distance riding, racing and motocross are just a few. Choosing a riding style can help a buyer look for specific and important helmet features.

Helmet Type

There are several different helmet styles to consider, and each has its pros and cons. Full-face helmets are the safest option, as the entire head is covered. A flip-up or modular helmet also covers the rider’s entire head, but they allow easier access to the face. Other choices include three-quarter and half helmets. Again, having a preferred riding style can help a rider choose the right helmet.


Selecting helmet features comes down to the rider’s preferred style. Features such as weight and quietness are important to long-distance riders, and better ventilation is good for those who want to get into racing.


The last important consideration is the rider’s budget. There are numerous helmets in multiple price ranges, and the information above can help new riders narrow the field. While it is possible to find a nice helmet on the lower end of the range, the rider may have to give up some features.

The tips given above can help new and experienced riders find the right helmet for their needs. A properly fitted motorcycle helmet is one of the rider’s most important pieces of safety gear, and it’s important to do enough research to make an informed decision. Check out these Motorcycle Helmet Videos for more tips on choosing the right helmet.